Studio MKG

Interpretation of Art and Design at the MKG: selected projects since 2013

It is important for us to offer our visitors inspiring and interesting accesses to our collections and special exhibitions. We want them to participate in creative processes, encourage them to form their own opinions and share them with others. As heterogeneous as our audience is, as varied as possible we want to make the program, in an appealing and understandable language. Numerous projects are being developed in close collaboration with creatives, teachers and various NGOs.


Interpretation of art and design in the MKG are Friederike Fankhänel, Silke Oldenburg, Dr. Manuela van Rossem and Sofia Botvinnik (trainee 2016-18). Our team of freelancers as well as our current offers and projects can be found in the cultural education segment at



Texts: Dr. Manuela van Rossem, Design: Friederike Fankhänel, Webdesign: Christoph Lohse, Büro für Exakte Ästhetik, Translation: Sofia Botvinnik


Photo: Dancers of the HfMT Hamburg in MKG-Dancing Masks to the reopening of the modernity collection, Susann Rutscher