A fresh look on Ancient worlds

Superman Herkules, father of the gods Zeus, master of the wine Dionysos and Minotaur as guardian of the labyrinth – even today we are still fascinated by the heroes of the Ancient Greek myths. Sixteen young illustrators from the University of Applied Science Hamburg (HAW) interpreted the stories on our Greek vases in the MK&G and created a literally fabulous coloring book that we celebrated on April 25 with a release and coloring event in the gallery. With illustrations by Sandra Loske, Yuliia Ukrainets, Liv Pedersen, Lena Eiken-Lücken, Ellen Gabriel, Tanja Oster, Chiara Mizaikoff, Andreas Lechner, Whitney Busch, Diana Belinin, Min-Chau Dang, Lilian Foltys, Michaela Bissig, Sophie Ting Dittmer, Max Klein and Helena Baumeister under the direction of Prof. Alexandra Kardinar. You can buy the book in our museum shop or download it here (30 MB, German only) for personal use under the creative commons licence CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0.

Photos: Friederike Fankhänel