Exciting years

Launched in April 2017

Europe around 1900 – a time of upheavals. Women fight for their rights, health-consciousness discovers the benefits of a vegetarian diet and publicists reform the education. Artists and designers also break with old ideas and dare to make a new start. This was also the founding era of the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg.  1900 the director Justus Brinckmann bought exhibits directly at the world exhibition in Paris. Today, the Art Nouveau collection is the foundation of the house and presents the ideas of great international designers: the minimalist chairs by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the functional desk by Henry van der Velde and the black and white interior of the Viennese workshop around Koloman Moser. In the web journal “Exciting Years. Following the visionaries” (only available in German) you accompany the fictional reporter Christian Heller during his encounters with real artists, visionaries, and reformers. In his travel diary he draws a lively picture of the Art Nouveau epoch. Numerous original photos and documents provide insights into studios, workshops and residential buildings of the leading actors. The web journal includes among other an audio version, detailed image descriptions for screen reader, as well as an introduction in German Sign Language.


Honored with the Grimme Online Award 2018.