May 19 – October 29, 2017

The population keeps growing – we have more and more people on our planet. Will we have enough food for everyone? In some places right now, people are starving, while in other parts of the world we throw away massive amounts of food daily. How are our relationships between people, animals and the environment? In the exhibition Food Revolution 5.0, international artists and designers present visionary ideas and practical solutions for these burning questions. The brochure DIG IN! guides families through the exhibit and suggest ideas for projects like how to build a cool insect radio or a biogas stink bomb. Visitors also find tips for easy ways of fermenting vegetables and preserving food, without a refrigerator and take a look at rituals that we can celebrate every day. Finally, we invite visitors to share their visions and brilliant ideas for food of the future. The DIG IN! family tour is available free of charge at the exhibition in German and English. Download it here (PDF, 3,2 MB).