(DE) Kunstpioniere

As part of the cooperation project “Kunstpioniere” (“Art Pioneers”) of the Hamburg Ministry of Schools and Vocational Training, students of the art profile of the Blankenese district school, year 9, developed their own artistic positions – inspired by the exhibition “Linda Fregni Nagler. Reconsidering Photography: The Staging of the Gaze” and accompanied by teacher Anke Müller-Klug and photographer Janina Wick. The students’ works were exhibited in a flash exhibition from December 7 to 10, 2023 at the MK&G, reports from the project can be found here, a virtual exhibition of the works can be seen here.

Artworks: Feyla Papadopoulos, Nisa Ceber, Ida Podgorsky, Finlay Dohrmann, Alba Mainvis, Dunja Sahar Ben Lafi, Alma Wietkamp, Fabienne Topp, Joy Straßburg