Play along!

The project took place in February 2021 under very limited conditions. The children had to stay at home and the lessons were conducted online via Padlets. Nevertheless, the children were able to participate in the project by directing the director and actress Dorothee de Place through the museum via tablet and zoom instead of a physical museum visit. In the process, the students* asked questions and made assumptions. In the Islamic Art department, they used the artist’s tablet to take a closer look at the order of the clay vessels in the ceramic rotunda. They were asked to let the systematic nature of the order take effect on them and later, in a second section, to look at their own cabinets at home afterward. In a third part, they put together plates, glasses, cups and cutlery in their own settings and thought up stories to tell their classmates. This resulted in game instructions in the form of a leaflet (Download PDF, 8 MB) that visitors to the Islamic Art Collection could discover, take with them, and play at home.


A cooperation project with the Kulturagenten Hamburg, accompanied by Julia Münz

Video: Martin D'Costa