Stilbrise world-conscious!

March 20 – October 25, 2015

As part of the exhibition “Fast Fashion. The Dark Side of Fashion “, we asked on our fashion blog “Stilbrise” how to combine stylish clothing and sustainability. What our visitors made of this and how they handled it was very interesting to us: every two weeks, free art educators searched together with the photographers Lisa Notzke and Ulla Deventer in the MK&G special looks and original ideas on second hand, upcycling and transformation. The pictures and statements of the visitors were then posted under “Looks” – and the best contributions also made to our screen in the museum. In addition to the latest visitor outfits, we also provided regular reports and interviews from the Slow Fashion world, addresses for sustainable fashion, flea market tips, DIY ideas and much more – naturally “world-conscious” by our project blogger Melike Bilir.



Photos: Lisa Notzke