Turn your lights down low

LED candle lights with a panoramic view

A nostalgic travel: pictures of the lake Alster in Hamburg around 1900 (taken by Georg Koppmann and Wilhelm Dreesen) and a color photography (taken by an unknown photograph) of the Lago Maggiore in Italy from the same period lighten up not only your romantic summer nights as a handmade LED candle light with their very own charm.

You'll need

  • Land- or cityscape photography
  • Translucent paper, Din A4 (for printers)
  • LED candle light
  • Scissor and a glue stick

For the beginning print your selected picture on the translucent paper. To get the panoramic look, cut along the skyline of your picture. Leave a glue tab at one side!


Now stick both sides together.


Put a LED candle in the middle of your skyline and wait for the enlightenment. (Images: Marleen Hemmert/ MKG, CC-BY 4.0 SA)

Did you know?

Don’t use a real candle light instead of a LED version – it could turn your skyline into a “ring of fire”!

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